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Cypher2 v2.5.1.2 released

v2.5.1.2 of Cypher2 is now available as an update to all owners of a full Cypher2 licence, which you can now download from your FXpansion account. 

This version introduces some significant improvements to offer much better RAM usage, CPU efficiency, cache efficiency and idle audio-thread CPU load, as well as an update to FX License Manager, v2.1.0.8, featuring a new GUI and bug fixes.

Please see below for a list of changes to Cypher2 and FX License Manager.

Resolved issues in Cypher2 v2.5.1.2

  • Clicking in mod depth area with dual monitor causes cursor to jump
  • 2D/5D MIDI mappings not recalling successfully
  • Player presets do not appear if filter has been selected in previous session
  • Transmod assignment boundary is misaligned at higher magnification
  • Stored quick presets are not recalled in DAW project
  • Pitch bend wheel animates despite not affecting the actual pitch
  • Parameter values do not update when adjusted with mouse scroll
  • Dirty Delay parameters are not displayed correctly
  • Switching quick presets removes preset description
  • Keyzone transmod sources are missing
  • Performance spike/dropouts with BA Drone Quake 5D preset in Cubase
  • Sequencer length cannot be changed after MIDI recording

Resolved issues in FX License Manager

  • Resizing window with Username field in focus creates rogue text box
  • Product is not removed from list immediately after de-auth
  • Login window can become hidden
  • Logging out forgets user details (even when "Remember my details" has been checked)
  • Fixed pausing, resuming and cancelling downloads in software updates download panel
  • Fixed incomplete downloads not automatically resuming on next LM run on Windows
  • Fixed reveal button in downloads panel not working
  • Fix menus and buttons sometimes having incorrect enabled state
  • Fixed a crash when looking for software updates
  • Fixed OS tab bar obscuring UI on macOS
  • Updated link to help document
  • Fixed typos in user facing strings
  • Fixed incorrect link to forgotten password webpage

Edit - This update, previously available as a public beta, is now a full public update.

If you encounter any issues, please let us know here or by opening a new support ticket. Thanks!

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