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The next Roli idea? My suggestion.

Hello folks.

OK, I'm here from a different side of the music industry. As well as being a musician and producer who's fully blind, I also provide services to blind and visually impaired people worldwide, both directly and indirectly in support, advice, training and adaptive assistance within the Music Industry.

I've been with FXpansion for some time and now with ROLI. since taking on a ROLI Seaboard BLOCK, which to me, I have to say it, is a NEW CONCEPT in instrument performance for me, being a concert pianist, church organist and synth player, This is a unique experience to me and one I'm loving each day.

I'd like to pitch a design idea for the next ROLI controller and it's based on my experiences not just with this recent controller, but also performance work on stage, etc.

As you all know, the Roli Seaboard Rise and Block series, etc are mainly desktop devices, though portable and rather sexy as they are, they're designed for a stand or at a workstation near a mixer.

Having spent some time with the Seaboard and a rather interesting moment whilst shopping, listening to something rather expressive played over shop speakers, I thought of the Seaboard and what's missing...

Now, If you remember the concept of the Keytar? now you'll know where I'm coming from

Remember such legends as the Moog liberation, roland's various incarnations, etc? OK there's one or two out now, but to be honest, they're not exactly attractive by feel nor do they grab me in musical ways.

What if..... There was a version of the Seaboard as a Keytar? the necessary modulation, bend, etc controls on the neck to left, keyboard with full glide, patch change, etc? still using the bluetooth technology Bluetooth 4? or higher for longer distance connections for stage use?

That to me would be my ultimate heaven. What about you?

If anyone likes this idea and thinks it could change direction or add another string to ROLI's amazing series of "bows" then, why not vote for this idea, leave some comments for your thoughts, etc..

All the best to everyone here.


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