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LightPad M - Full Customisation of Note Selection per Pad


It is possible to assign any colour to any pad. I would also like to be able to assign any note to any pad.

The reason being is to create drum instrument groups. For example all of my snare sounds or percussive sounds to individual settings/modes.

Unfortunately, DAWs and drum sample libraries do not always place drum instruments in a linear fashion on the scale for example Ride Cymbal strikes such as Ride In, Out, Bell and Edge are nine (9) notes apart with other instrument in-between. Snare strikes such as rimshot, edge, top, bottom, sidestick and centre are eight (8) notes apart. 

I would like to be able to group these instruments together without having kick sounds or high hats taking up space when I could assign these to different modes/settings.

At the moment the Dashboard Software 4.1.8 only allows the ability to select the first note and scale for each pad. Therefore assigning the rest of the sequence automatically.  This makes full customisation impossible and severely limits the function of the Lightpad M.

Hopefully is the not too distant future there will be a fully customisable section in ROLI Dashboard.

Kind Regards

Rodney Ferguson

Leicester UK

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