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swam integration

I am just downloading the beta, so maybe it is already possible?

If not - i've bought some of the expensive bit worth swam engine stuff, Cello clarinet horns - whatever, although I am basically interested in electronic sound I really like those very realistic sounds. would be great to have them also in there - if possible

Thanks for the feedback Oliver - the current beta doesn't currently feature any SWAM soundpacks. We'll be adding more sound content with future updates to ROLI Studio Player Beta in the coming months.

Feel free to share any other thoughts you have in the ROLI Studio Player Beta forum.

thats really good to hear. I know it might be a bit difficult, because Swam has a look on the realistic design of analogue instruments, so the chord engine won't work with instrument you can't play chords on ;-).

Fun Fact: Actually the RSP solved a problem I had with strobe and cypher using in garageband. it was only running in demo mode for 30 minutes. although I registered the software it was only fixed in the standalone mode. in garageband I couldn't manage to get rid of the demo mode.... restart every 30 minutes was the workaround....

however cypher and strobe works inside the rap :D....

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