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Cross-Platform ROLI Connect

Any idea if we’ll ever get Linux or iOS versions of ROLI Connect, with fully crossplatform patches? Will soon try the ROLI Connect beta. Sounds fairly interesting as one MPE-savvy alternative to NKS. It also gives me a much better idea of the company’s strategy. Thing is, though, feature requests here reveal other sets of needs, including for cross-platform tools (especially iOS, Linux, and possibly Android). It’s kind of neat to have new ways to organize patches from one vendor’s synths on macOS and Windows. And, who knows, initiatives like Camelot may eventually contribute something to this emerging ecosystem. JUCE could also play a role. It’s just that, we (those you call “creators”) have broader needs.

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Hi Alex, we'll be supporting ROLI Connect on Mac and Windows for the initial release, but we appreciate your feedback and will consider further platform support in the future.

Where is the windows version?

Hi Sean, the Windows version of ROLI Connect is still in development, but we're aiming to release this soon in a future update, alongside support for ROLI Studio Player on Windows.

Cheers-= Maybe you should say its Mac only on the web site, I spent ages looking for the windows version! :-(

Thanks Sean, we're looking at updating information as soon as possible.

Good evening Sean and other fellow Linux users, I also am mostly a GNU/Linux user and I can't wait for the moment I'll be able to ditch Windows to use my Seaboard. 

A few months ago I've been working on a project using Google Chrome's MIDI APIs which is compatible with the Roli Seaboard block and might be compatible with other Seaboards (I just own the block at the moment) which works on Android, GNU/Linux and more or less any kind of environment running Chrome.

It's clearly just a proof of concept I use to play along when I listen to music, but If you want to try it it's right there: and if an engineer, designer or developer or anyone that might be able to add something  to the project, it's Free Software (MIT) and everyone is welcome to contribute (!


Have a nice day!

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