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BLOKS.SEABOARD MAX Object - Functionality Expansion

Hi Roli Team , 

I was very pleased with your products and bought Seaboard. Mainly  work with Ableton and as all you customers who deal with this DAW face a number of limitations.  However later I found out that in cooperation with cycling74 you made a library of objects for Bloks and Rise for MAX.  And one object looks to me very interesting as somehow it directly connects to hardware from Live and can receive expressive multi touch. Its brilliant but one very important component is missing that allow to create M4L Patch that works with Equator as example with out need of  creation of these 16 tracks  solution. This important component is Midi Note!  Just Midi note required to be add to BLOKS.SEABOARD object message that can make our live much easier.  

It will allow to record Equators sound as Samples, with out need 16 tracks creation to get MPE in Live. I know it will not allow to record midi but samples is also good taking in to account what fantastic sound produced by   Equator.

Appreciate for your advice and thought on this matter .

Kind Regards,


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