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where is the MASTER TUNING??

Where is the Mater Tuning??
(432 = A)

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Hi William, 

To change the tuning of a preset in Equator, simply go to the Global tab, and below Preset Master adjust the Fine tuning knob. This knob displays the difference in cents from A=440Hz. If you'd like to adjust the preset to a tuning different from A=440Hz, first look up the difference in cents and then adjust the Equator preset accordingly.

For example, to change a preset to A=432Hz, we can look up the difference in cents from A=440Hz. This is between -31 and -32 cents, so we can simply adjust the the preset's Fine tuning to -31 or -32.

The tuning is saved with each preset individually, so if you'd like to use several presets at a different tuning you'll want to adjust the tuning of each preset and save each preset with this tuning.

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Thank you very much!!!!

.. and where is it is Studio Player ?


Hi Luiz,

There is not currently a master tuning option within RSP but we can look at adding this in future updates if people would like it.




thanx! That would be great because it is hard to find out which preset belongs to which instrument,

to then individually re-tune each patch and individually save it.



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