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Each time Logic Pro X project opened, Cypher 2 instruments change


I have many instances of Cypher 2 in different tracks of a song. They sound great. But when i close the project and come back to it, all the songs are slightly different and the settings inside each cypher instance has changed. I have to go back and re-select the preset for each track. 

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to prevent changing, such as locking the patch. I am using the 5D for seaboard, and it seems like each time it loads it goes back to the regular 2D (the keyboard color changes from black to white). 

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Hi Christian, thanks for describing this issue. Which version of Logic Pro and Cypher2 is this occurring with?

Could you please elaborate on any differences that occur other than having to re-select the preset? All presets should be recalled successfully when opening a project again.

You can use Locks (above the Cypher2 browser) to prevent specific areas of Cypher2 from changing when switching presets, but ultimately all aspects should be recalled successfully.

Please feel free to create a new support ticket with any further information, such as an example Logic project that's exhibiting the issue, and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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