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Waveform 8 and Cypher 2

I really can't wait until FLStudio supports  MPE because Waveform 8 makes me want to tear my hair out, its one of the most unstable pieces of software I have used, randomly crashing to desktop when ever it feels like it.

I am also having another issue which I'm hoping someone can solve. Whenever I load a Waveform 8 project with Cypher 2 instruments,  have to go through each instance of Cypher 2 and re-load the presets, as it seems to have done something and they all sound off. I notice that in the interface the filtering has changed to Auto 2d on all of them, but putting it back to 5d doesn't fix it and they still sound off until I re-load the preset again.

Even though I fix this, and play back the project which now sounds fine again as soon as I go back to the project another day and re-load I have to repeat the whole process again.

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