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Firmer glide strips on Rise

I'm trying to play Indian classical music on my new Rise, using the glide bars for sometimes-elaborate bi-directional pitch bends. So far, I'm finding it difficult to find a balance on the rubber glide bar of staying light enough to avoid friction, while maintaining enough finger contact to avoid unwanted note-on triggers.

I can't help but think that doing complex pitch bends on the Rise would be much easier if the glide bar surface was harder and slicker than the current rubber material. Seems to me that the glide strips are really only about glide, rather than 5D, and perhaps ought to be optimized for glide by using a hard material with a high gloss finish.  (Did the Seaboard Grand have a harder material than the Rise? I never played one, but I seem to remember reading that it did.)

I'm sure that making the glide strips with a different surface from the key waves would create production issues and probably increase the cost of the instrument. Has Roli ever considered doing that, Red?

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