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Cypher2 v2.4.10.3 released

Hi everyone,

v2.4.10.3 of Cypher2 is now available. This version addresses a crash that occurred in v2.4.10.1 when heavily modulating the sequencer parameters. Please see below for the release notes of this version, as well as for v2.4.10.1.


Resolved issues in v2.4.10.3 are as follows:

  • Crash when heavily modulating sequencer parameters with Transmod

Issues previously resolved in v2.4.10.1 were as follows:

  • Player folder not hidden in browser when fully authed with LM
  • Login screen freezes when right-clicking a field
  • Attempting to save in Demo mode sends you back to welcome screen
  • Transmod depths flash when clicking certain buttons
  • Keyboard arrow keys can change preset during Save
  • Magnification resolution sizes are cropped at 75% and 80%
  • Double-click required to enter preset Search field
  • Occasional crashes with RISE input or when left idle
  • Links in Settings menu are ordered incorrectly
  • Transmod depth can accidentally be applied when adjusting a param
  • Some presets can take a little while to 'settle in'
  • Presets cannot be selected after using Save As button at top of browser
  • 5D spline Slew/Gain parameters do not lock
  • Key Velocity in Sequencer does not pass velocity information
  • Last-highlighted preset in browser remains lit yet isn't selected
  • Cannot double-click to manually assign CC values on buttons
  • MPE/Perf transmod slots are blank for Legacy presets
  • Individual preset boundaries in browser are incorrect
  • Gate sequencer type menu does not magnify
  • Mousing over global volume in Easy mode obscures Description field
  • Standalone crash when unlocking Perf macro params
  • Envelope curve menu can appear blank when loading legacy presets
  • Various small UI fixes

New features as of v2.4.10.1:

Cypher2 Player support

Enjoy, and please feel free to let us know if you encounter any issues.

When I update and install through the licence manager it still shows as being version, I have tried restarting after the installation wizard is complete. Every time I open a project in Waveform 8 with Cypher 2 it prompts me to update again. Waveform also seems pretty unstable crashing to desktop on a regular basis but that's another issue I guess.

Found the problem with my install, even though it shows that it is installing the dll to the Steinberg VST folder as part of the install process it doesn't actually copy there, I had to manually copy the DLL from the 

Cypher 2 Program Files folder into the Steinberg VST folder which Waveform 8 was referencing for the plugin.

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