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Cypher2 sequencer

 I am finding the whole sequencer thing baffling (being a bit of a newbie too), and despite reading the manual am perplexed by some of the things it does!

PLEASE could you produce a video (like your other excellent beginners vids) explaining the  ins and out of it? 

The Matrix and Scale processors look fascinating, and it  would be grat to understand them!

Keep up the good work :-)


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Hi there, 

We're looking at adding more Cypher2 video tutorials very soon, so please watch this space!  

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The next video in line will be an in-depth video specifically on the Sequencer, as we're aware it's quite a lot to take in. Keep your eyes peeled!

Hi all, we've just released a new 18-minute tutorial covering the sequencer in Cypher2. This coincides with our new Cypher2 Expander: Vivid Sequences.

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