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NOISE Sample Import and Mangling

Really excited with all the options in NOISE. Wanting more in the drum category and if Sample Import was available that would open up things for people's styles.

I use Roli with iPad exclusively so I'm looking for options that don't require a PC/Mac. Equivalent options are found on many iPad apps.

The Sampler features desired are in-line with the Drum Kits available right now on NOISE.  Just give a way to swap out the drums on kits with samples. Maybe it would be hard to design all the aspects of the special fx such as Slide/Pressure/Glide/etc. but this could be simplified on iPad by offering templates or a group of performance options per pad. The SUPER COOL extension of this that would BOOST up ROLI to the top of the game is: Sample Mangling!!!

SAMPLE MANGLING: The Roli Lightpad Block is uniquely qualified to be THE next generation of Sample Mangling... with all the different options for expressiveness with the Blocks, new ways of playing with samples are possible here. Reverse and Forward with a Sample could be up and down on the pad. Left and Right could manipulate the Start and End of sample-loop position.  Pressure? Could be a lot of things.  Million dollar idea on the table here! Hope something happens with this!

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A lot of my other electronic instruments such as Korg, Beat-Thang, OP-1 and others have the ability to import sounds and samples. Having splashed out on the roli blocks beatmaker kit, I was a bit disappointed to find that there doesn't seem to be a way to do this on this device. The methods on other devices vary in method, some are able to sample directly others need to import the sounds. I don't see any way yet to achieve this on this device. Maybe I am wrong, can anybody help?

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