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1m long lightpad

Hi Roli team,

happy Seaboard Rise 49 user here. Got recently hooked on even further going down the route by playing with a xyz plane controller - imho the purest form of an isomorphic 3d (or in Roli speak 5d) instrument.

I really like the customizability of the Lightpads. Being able to directly program the devices is awesome! (So we can make xyz planes, grids - whatever!)

I would be most interested in a large playing surface of at least 4 blocks - better even wider for 4, 6 or even 8 octaves.

Stacking Lightpads isn't optimal though, because of the gaps which don't allow arbitrary bends, the inability to play "on the gap" etc.

So would you consider to build an instrument based on the Lightpad technology that is far wider - like 1m+? That would be a really awesome instrument!

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