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Relative Bipolar Slide not functioning as expected

I just installed ROLI Dashboard 4.1.0 and RISE firmware 1.1.7. The new "Relative Bipolar Slide" function does not work as expected. As implemented, in this mode, no more than half of the control range of Slide values are accessible at any time, regardless of where a note is initially touched. And, starting in the middle unnecessarily limits the control values to the range between 32 to 96, leaving both the top and bottom quarters of the control range completely inaccessible.

It's reasonable to expect the full range of control values should remain available regardless of where a note is initially pressed.  In any mode, players naturally expect 0 to always be at the bottom, and 127 at the top, with the full range of values scaled from wherever the note is initially pressed.

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If you change the Slide Sensitivity, you should be able to access the full range. 

Please let me know if this helps or if you have any questions.

Hi Red,

Thanks for pointing this out. I see the Slide Sensitivity adjustment you mentioned does indeed allow access to all the control values. I must say having to reduce the setting below 50% to access the full range of control seems somewhat counterintuitive. I instinctively expected it to work optimally at the maximum setting. This implementation does force a player to choose between the full slide range on the control surface, and being able to output the full range of control values, but I understand the benefit of having the same amount of movement correspond to the same amount of value change so hopefully this is something I can adapt to. I'll just go back to Absolute mode when I really need to peg 0 at the bottom and 127 at the top.

Thanks again for the update!

Anybody else having problem with the ”white keys not responding the same way range wise as the ”black ” keys?
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