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Dashboard, change "transpose" to Note Name

Hi All,

For the Note Grid Edit window, I'd like to suggest changing the  "transpose" values from numeric to actual note names in Dashboard.

If I'm working on jamming with someone  and we say we're gonna work in F# locrian, we say "hey, try this in F#locrian" we don't say "hey let's try this in plus six halfsteps locrian", or "minus six half steps locrian".  right now to make that happen in Dashboard I have to find an image of a keyboard, & then count how many half-steps up or down from C is F#, Then input that number.

This also happens when I want to work in an established project. 

This also happens when I want to align the root note of the Note grid to the lowest playable note on a virtual instrument.  If I know a violin's lowest note is G, i could just say "G major" in dashboard, rather than, finding an image of a keyboard & counting 7 half steps and then putting that in.

So I think it'd be just faster to not have to do math & just use note names.

I understand that sometimes a note name agnostic transposition feature is helpful, but I think that using the note names might be more efficient for a lot of folks.

Thanks for listening!

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I also participate in jam sessions with my Roli Blocks and Dashboard/Equator (Fluid Acoustic Bass) on my Win 10 laptop/sound card.   While the sound and set-up are nearly flawless, the  "Achilles heel" with Dashboard/Equator  is having to switch from  C Major  to  G Minor or  F Minor   between songs.   Given I have about 20 seconds to do it,  this basically requires a touchscreen tablet to transpose 5 or 7 notes, and then hoping the Live Block still works and transposing down 1 note, and then usually punching the octave button down an octave.

I don't know why Dashboard/Equator makes it so hard to do something so common.   In Noise on an iPad, I can accomplish this with 2 or 3 simple button taps, but then I lose audio quality on lower scale on Fluid Acoustic Bass.   That's why I migrated over to Dashboard/Equator.

Even IOS NOISE has notes by key and no need to transpose by numbers... I was sure you could specify that in the dashboard but I can't find that option anymore

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