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Adjust note range shown on Instrument View in Noise app

When using the Lightpad, in the Noise app, it would be very useful if you could adjust the note range shown rather than it always starting and finishing on the root notes for the scale selected.

Many times a piece you are trying to play doesn't lie cleanly within the root notes for an octave or two and may include a note or two outside what is being displayed.

So rather than have to shift to the next octave up, it'd be helpful if you could just adjust the note range shown up or down by a note at a time (for the chosen scale).

It would also be helpful for users coming from a keyboard/piano background if the Instrument view always shows Cs in the white highlight colour, rather than it matching the root note of the chosen scale - its much easier to map a typical keyboard to the Lightpad's keywaves when the reference keys are always the same (eg. the Cs are always in the white, regardless of the key you are in).


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