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Patch editing on NOISE, and other issues.

I have purchased a BLOCKS seaboard somewhat recently, and while it is an amazing instrument, the NOISE ios app is wildly flawed. There is no way to edit patches, no rational way to organize them, and no way that i have seen to edit effects. While it may be a useful app for those making electronic loop based music, it is nothing short of obnoxious to use as a standalone instrument. I use it with my Ipad, which works well enough using the 8th inch trs output to connect to recording equipment or a PA system, and would be a fine way to use this device in a live setting, where bringing a desktop computer is a laughable concept. Not everyone has a laptop, especially in an age where tablets like the Ipad are replacing them in the role of portable computers. I adore my seaboard, it is revolutionary, but the app holds it back, and makes the remarkable device difficult to use in a band setting, or even in a recording setting. This is a device that could push the boundaries of musical creativity, but it hardly can when the user cannot even customize their own sounds, and has to wade through menus to change the patches, when speed of use is critical in a live setting. Please, don't hold back this incredible instrument and its users because you want to sell more patches in app. I am clearly not the only one frustrated about this. Thanks, Wilson King
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