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Change the installation path

 Have I missed something?  Is it not possible to choose the installation path?

Or even better, move it from my C drive to my D drive?

I have an SSD for fast booting on drive C and I didn't get a chance to pick where it installed.

This has caused additional issues for me because I keep all of my VST's on my D drive - Ableton won't allow me to assign 2 places for vst's, So I can't use it so far.

If I'm mistaken, then if anyone can help, it would be great - I'm new to the software, just 2 days of use.

Thanks for your time.

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Please, guys, implement this function in your software. It is quite necessary for many, if not most of your userbase.


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would also love to see this happening!

I have most of my sound libraries on an external ssd (because no storage upgrade possible on mac) so I'd love to be able to move these 3GB of awesome equator sounds to my external too.

thanks for considering, guys!

+1 This is honestly unacceptable in 2018 when allegedly "pro" laptops offer only soldered, limited capacity SSD.  A 5GB library may not seem like much to devs, but when your laptop serves multiple production purposes, sound libraries quickly add up.

Arturia, NI, Spectrasonics all allow me to keep most or all of my sample libraries on a large secondary drive fairly easily. 

For God's sake, even APPLE added the ability to relocate built-in Logic audio libraries in 10.4.2 :D

Just my plea!

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Why isn't this a feature?   Particularly on MacOS you have system limitations on where the VSTs need to be installed, it helps to offload the bulk of the sounds and samples to an external drive.  

Almost all computers and Operating Systems want you to separate your storage from operational drives now-a-days... The fact this isn't possible with Equator is confusing. 

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 Windows user also requesting the ability to move libraries. Equator is the only non-portable VST I have, would be really nice to be able to free up some precious disk space!

+1 for MAC 

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