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Change the installation path

 Have I missed something?  Is it not possible to choose the installation path?

Or even better, move it from my C drive to my D drive?

I have an SSD for fast booting on drive C and I didn't get a chance to pick where it installed.

This has caused additional issues for me because I keep all of my VST's on my D drive - Ableton won't allow me to assign 2 places for vst's, So I can't use it so far.

If I'm mistaken, then if anyone can help, it would be great - I'm new to the software, just 2 days of use.

Thanks for your time.

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Hey Scott et al,

Try these directions to move the folder. I can verify this works correctly and I even installed the Extended and India libraries and they installed in my non-SSD drive without having to change anything. So once you do this, you won't have to do it again.

  1. First, copy the 'ROLI' folder from '/Users/Shared' to your other drive using standard drag and drop in the Finder. Verify that everything was copied over correctly.
  2. Open Terminal
  3. 'cd ..', hit return. (noted the space between cd and the dots). Normally Terminal should open to your User folder. In order to get to the Shared folder, you need to move up the directory and 'cd ..' does that. If you get lost, you can always use 'cd /' (again note the space between cd and /) and that will bring you to the root level of the OS drive. Then look for the Users and 'cd' your way back down the directory path. Also 'ls' is a handy command to see what's inside the folder you just cd'ed to (cd stands for 'change directory', by the by).
  4. cd Shared/ROLI, hit return . You're navigating inside the ROLI directory to where  the 'Equator' folder is.
  5. rm -rf Equator, hit return. This deletes the Equator folder. The system should ask for an admin password.
  6. Type 'ln -s ' (note the space after the 's'), then click and drag from the Finder the actual Equator folder from where you just copied it to and place the cursor in Terminal and that will give you the Unix path you need to tell the system. Hit return. It should look like 'ln -s /Volumes/HDname/path/where your folder lives' where from /Volumes/ it should have the folder path where your new folder lives.
  7. Done. See that in Finder you should have the 'Equator' folder back, but it will have a curved arrow on top of the folder icon.

i get stuck on 4. 

cd Shared/ROLI  is not taking me to the ROLI directory. i get "No such file or directory"

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