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Change the installation path

 Have I missed something?  Is it not possible to choose the installation path?

Or even better, move it from my C drive to my D drive?

I have an SSD for fast booting on drive C and I didn't get a chance to pick where it installed.

This has caused additional issues for me because I keep all of my VST's on my D drive - Ableton won't allow me to assign 2 places for vst's, So I can't use it so far.

If I'm mistaken, then if anyone can help, it would be great - I'm new to the software, just 2 days of use.

Thanks for your time.

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Equator doesn't support custom library locations at the moment. It's a good request though, so I'm up-voting it!

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Yeah this really needs to be addressed.  A professional product should not force the user to read the sound files off of the same drive that is running their OS.  This is going to have a significant impact on performance and I would expect to have the option to install where I see fit on my system.

Going to try using a symlink.  I don't see why it wouldn't work, but I gotta say that I'm a bit disappointed and surprised that I have to take these matters into my own hands.

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I would also like this feature.  My C drive is always tight. 

To Ian Gill -- To solve your Ableton problem, just put a folder shortcut to where the Roli vsts are in your main VST folder that Ableton uses.  

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I would also like to see the ability to change the default file location for the factory and user presets.

I have a instance of Equator running on my Macbook Pro "C" drive and all of the presets and other support files are there as well. I use the "C" drive OS for general sound creation. All my other apps are on "C" as well. I also have a dedicated "D" drive for live use which contains a stripped down OS and no other Apps except MainStage, Logic, Kontakt, and the other software I need for live use. With this configuration I simply boot up from the "D" drive for live use, and have a bare bones OS and a processor with lots of idle time to run MainStage. I created alias of the Equator app on the "C" drive and successfully opened it up on the "D" OS. However, it contains no presets, and I can't tell Equatorto look for them on the "C" drive. I resorted to loading duplicate files of the required presets on "D", but really I'd like to be able point the "D" drive Equator app to look for the presets that are already loaded on the "C" drive. I only want one physical preset file on my computer.

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i, too, was baffled that not only could i not choose where to put the samples (at the very least) but also that this was not addressed in any of the documentation/manuals - i had to dig to find this thread. 

also the "up voting" to get this feature included in an update is ridiculous. how in the world was this elementary feature not included in the first place? 

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Please, guys, implement this function in your software. It is quite necessary for many, if not most of your userbase.


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Yeah, please allow to install all of the Roli software in a place of the users choosing without manually dragging stuff around. 99% of all plugin- and software installers allow this and it really is a form of respect for the user to give him a chance to choose his own paths.

I use a custom VST folder (on C: ) and have all large files like samples on a separate, larger harddrive, also, I have all my music software in a dedicated folder...

Thanks and cheers,


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+1 This is honestly unacceptable in 2018 when allegedly "pro" laptops offer only soldered, limited capacity SSD.  A 5GB library may not seem like much to devs, but when your laptop serves multiple production purposes, sound libraries quickly add up.

Arturia, NI, Spectrasonics all allow me to keep most or all of my sample libraries on a large secondary drive fairly easily. 

For God's sake, even APPLE added the ability to relocate built-in Logic audio libraries in 10.4.2 :D

Just my plea!

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Definitely thought I missed something during the install and cancelled it to come here and see what my options are, sighs... and it's unfortunate. I have a 128GB SSD as a primary in my laptop (by choice) and a 1TB secondary as I like to keep my OS drive clean.

My iMac gave me the option to choose which drive, I suppose us Windows users are just an unfortunate bunch. I hope Roli implements an install choice soon for Windows! One that at the very least allows for choice on where packages and vst's go.

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Symlink for "C:\Program Files\ROLI" folder is working fine for me. Quite a dirty workaround I'd say. 

I too don't understand why the customizable install path is a feature, because this is default for any application existing at least on Windows. Have your project managers never used more than 1 hard drive setup?

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Thanks for the Reply Brandon, but I already have a custom folder assigned - It's to all of my vst's on my D drive :-)

I have tried, but you can't have 2 custom folders assigned.

I have NI ultimate - many gigs worth of vst's - on my D drive. I really need to swap Equators Vst's to the folder on the 'D' drive, but it defaults to C. 

It's the only software I have installed for many years which does not let you choose where it goes - not really 21st century :-)

Have a good weekend!


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would also love to see this happening!

I have most of my sound libraries on an external ssd (because no storage upgrade possible on mac) so I'd love to be able to move these 3GB of awesome equator sounds to my external too.

thanks for considering, guys!

Any updates?

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