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Change the installation path

 Have I missed something?  Is it not possible to choose the installation path?

Or even better, move it from my C drive to my D drive?

I have an SSD for fast booting on drive C and I didn't get a chance to pick where it installed.

This has caused additional issues for me because I keep all of my VST's on my D drive - Ableton won't allow me to assign 2 places for vst's, So I can't use it so far.

If I'm mistaken, then if anyone can help, it would be great - I'm new to the software, just 2 days of use.

Thanks for your time.

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Equator doesn't support custom library locations at the moment. It's a good request though, so I'm up-voting it!

I would also like this feature.  My C drive is always tight. 

To Ian Gill -- To solve your Ableton problem, just put a folder shortcut to where the Roli vsts are in your main VST folder that Ableton uses.  

Thanks for the Reply Brandon, but I already have a custom folder assigned - It's to all of my vst's on my D drive :-)

I have tried, but you can't have 2 custom folders assigned.

I have NI ultimate - many gigs worth of vst's - on my D drive. I really need to swap Equators Vst's to the folder on the 'D' drive, but it defaults to C. 

It's the only software I have installed for many years which does not let you choose where it goes - not really 21st century :-)

Have a good weekend!


I know what you mean - just tried creating a shortcut and pasting in D drive, but it doesn't pick it up.

Nice try though !  Cheers!


Brandon you were right!

I have left the equator.dll file where it is on 'c' and made a copy which I placed in my 'd' drive and it seems to work. If I copied the folder, it didn't work for me, but just the dll worked ok :-)

Cheers again - have a great weekend!


It definitely works. The shortcut should be placed within your designated Ableton custom folder. You can place as many as you want... I have like a dozen of them...
Glad to see you got it working! Weird restriction by Ableton. Every other DAW lets you set as many custom paths as you want... Have fun!
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