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Multiple Play Modes in Lightpad Block Ableton Control Mode

I have been using the Ableton Control mode a good bit lately, but it has been pretty frustrating not being able to use the mode button to get to a 4X4 grid for drums, I see only options for scales in 5X5. It makes it much more of a process to record a drum loop into session view.

It would be really helpful if you could have 2, or even 3 different modes to switch between easily with the mode button, and being able to control the function and properties of each one separately, such as: 

0. Ableton clip control 

1. Scale mode of type and octave of your choice

2. Drum mode

3. Your choice of Fader, Mixer, or Control Grid modes.

If this sort of function came in a future update, I would be a very happy camper, and I would be much more inclined to buy one or more of these little guys.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for asking about this. First, as long as a Drum Rack track is selected in Live, pressing the Mode button will display a 4x4 grid which adheres to the current pad range selected in the Drum Rack window.

We'll be happy to look into your feature requests, as I can see how they'd be useful.



Oh yea, I remember discovering that, I completely forgot. It was only because I was using 3rd party drum machines that it didn't. I still think having cc control mode options, and/or a mixer mode with record arm and solo capabilities would add a lot to the usability of the Ableton control mode. 

I hope to see that added in the future. And I'll start using drum rack more often.



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