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Transpose for Seaboard, Import and sync full tracks in Noise

These are my top 2 issues with Noise right now: 1) No transpose function for Seaboard Block, no ability to use the ‘scale’ function in Noise to alter note layout on the Seaboard Block 2) Noise App has no interoperability at all.... no I/O, not even ability to import backing track or export a synced recording of a new instrument. It makess it almost useless as anything other than a musical game rather than being a proper robust instrument. Noise is a very weak link letting the team down in the hardware/software/app chain of otherwise excellent Roli products.

Hi.  Seaboard Rise has a transpose option, but I would like it to be more accessible than witth  just a computer mouse. Is there a way to use the voice preset button?

@Aaron: thanks for sharing your thoughts. We do want to improve integration with NOISE and other apps, including desktop apps. You perhaps already know that it's now available as AUv3 plugins for use in iOS apps like GarageBand. We hope to continue improving interconnectivity.

@Peeter: while the Seaboard RISE doesn't have dedicated buttons for transposition via semitone, you may use the Octave Switch buttons to transpose by octaves.


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