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fretless mode

I would like to use Roli as 

Ribbon Control

or Fretless.

Midi note date from Roli seabord always  starts 0 pitchbend.

And  start of the sounds are just pitch.

I hope microtonal sounds.

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Please add this as an option!

I realise that quantising the pitch to chromatic scale makes playing in tune much easier, but being able to play microtonally is very important to me. Right now i have to awkwardly start playing the note and immediately bend up or down to get to the right pitch.

I don't think this is hard to implement either, since the quantising is probably done in the software. 

I spent this afternoon coding up a littlefoot script to make this work.

Documentation is kind of lacking, I can't find how handleTouchAsSeaboard() works, which is exactly what i want to tinker with.

Wasnt too hard to get working, but it has some hanging notes issues. If anyone knows how to improve, please tell me!

Anyway, in the attached file is the script, hope you enjoy!

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