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Lightpad Block: "Drum Block" and "Control Grid" dim too much as of recently.

 I don't know when this changed, but it must have come with a recent update. When I use the  "Drum Block" and "Control Grid" programs for the Lightpad and trigger any "pad", all other pads get dimmed far too much, so that I can barely see the color of the untouched "pads". Please dial that back to a much lesser dim amount. Especially in case of drums (which I use the Control Grid for, because it's the only one where I can map pads to note numbers freely), you want to see the other pads while some are touched, as you surely can agree with. I'm not sure why the dimming needs to happen in the first place, actually.

There also seems to be a glitch in the new dimming algorithm in both, Control Grid and Drum Block, programs:

- Hit a pad (and watch the other pads get dimmed)

- Just when they are in the process of getting brighter, hit a pad (same or another one)

=> Result:

Depending on when the second hit occurs, the untouched pads get dimmed even more. It seems as if the closer to the end of the "getting brighter time" you hit, the darker the dimming gets. If the timing is just right then I can get the lightpad to be almost completely black.

This is irritating and clearly not intended to happen and should be fixed. But as said even the "normal" dim amount is too much for my liking to begin with.

Another visual thing that has changed is with "Control Grid" only:

The neat gradients on pads don't exist anymore. These were helpful , as they helped to distinguish between neighbouring pads with the same color, when there is no separating pixel between them (eg 3x3 or 5x5 grids).  Also, I think it just looks so much nicer with the gradients. Please consider to bring them back.

I do have backups of the Lightpad programs from earlier this year which I could use, but then I would miss out on potential fixes.

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Hey Frank,

Thanks for your input. Our development team is looking into this and will be considering how this might be addressed in a coming update. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


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I'd like to +1 taking a look at the dimming as I've seen those behaviors in the lightpad I just received yesterday.  I understand that you'd like some feedback that you're pressing enough, but it's mighty helpful to be able to see where you can go next, and the dimming at that level makes it tricky.  Thanks so much for listening!


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I just shot some vertical video that demonstrates this behavior if anyone wants to take a look at that.

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Thanks for confirming, much appreciated! It's nice to know I am not the only one seeing this.

Did you reproduce the "pads get extra-dark when triggered at just the right tempo" thing, or are you talking about the dimming amount in general?

Alas, this has not been solved for me with the latest update ( Dashboard v.4.1.0, Blocks v.0.4.3).

As development hasn't confirmed the issue yet, it may indeed be useful to have a video that demonstrates the dimming algorithm glitch, so yeah, please bring it on :)

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1) It'd be my personal preference that the pads don't dim quite as much.

2) If timed right, the pads dim an extra amount which can be seen in the below video:

I hope this info is helpful!

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Yeah, that shows the issues perfectly, many thanks.

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Same thing happens to me. I have the Lightpad Block M as part of Songmaker Kit. 

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I also find the dimming to be excessive, and have experienced the 'extra dimming' behaviour mentioned above. 

We're aiming to use the block in inclusive classroom environments, coupled with coloured scores. The dimming makes it quite hard to look for the next note, and all but impossible if the extra dimming comes into play.

Video of the way we're using it attached (sending notes in Control Grid mode with colours assigned to pitches).


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In the meantime I have done a little tweak to Control Grid to make it enjoyable to me.

I don't really quite understand why, but I found that lowering the value in line 129 of the script

if (dimFactor < 180)

is enough to easen up the dimming considerably. I found a value of 30 to be to my liking but anything below 100 is already much better than the original 180. I don't even notice the extra dimming issue, but it might be just due to less dimming in the first place.

I'll attach the modified script to the post and hope you guys can make good use of it. You can even copy your original Control mode presets to the littlefootModes folder of this app (create the folder manually or by saving any mode on the edit page of this app), so you don't need to do all the setup once more.

Here's hoping that the often mentioned upcoming update is lurking somewhere around the corner...

Also experiencing this issue hehe. Hope to find a fix. Thanks!

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