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Native Equator VST plugin for Linux

It would be amazing to have Linux as a supported platform for the VST plugin. It seems that I currently have to run the Windows VST through Wine for it to work with Ardour.

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Actually since the existing binaries probably use JUCE, everything should be available under Linux !

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That would be great, but the windows msi binary installs a .dll file that my DAW (waveform now) doesn't know what to do with... it gets installed to .wine/drive_c/Program Files/Common Files/Steinberg/VST2 when I install using the wine msi_exec utility... I have seen on the internet that Equator uses JUCE which should make it cross platform, but does ROLI need to provide a Linux build still? Obviously I don't have the source code and can't try building it myself...

Yep, I don't ask for the complete source code of Equator (probably awesome ;-),

Linux binaries (vst ?) would be enough ! Linux is all about stability

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+1 for linux VSTs~

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I'd also like to see this!

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Absolutely!  I am trying to get the seaboard to work on a UDOO X86 and in windows it gliches a bit.  Other programs (pianoteq) also glitch a bit but in linux are awesome.  The wine Equator VST solution however so far has been poor with much latency.  Wine is new to me and no doubt there is some way to get it running better but a native linux vst would be so much better and not such a big deal for ROLI to compile and give us.  

Obviously, running a seaboard on smaller low power/performance CPUs opens up possibilities for the seaboard in line with the whole concept which is why they have the iPhone app.

Please, if you like the feature, click the I like the idea button at the top post. That's how you give priority points.

Given that Microsoft is reportedly preparing to switch Windows over to a Desktop as a Service (DAAS) model I am concerned that it's viability as an audio production platform will be on continually shakier ground. Add to that the ever increasing price of Apple hardware, coupled with the hardware problems in its latest lineup (T2 caused kernel panics, thermal throttling, dust particles blocking the keyboard), and Linux seems like the most natural alternative - especially with professional level DAWs (Reaper, Bitwig, Ardour) running natively on Linux systems now. All that is to say, it would be appreciated to see Equator (and Dashboard) working natively on Linux.

 I've heard rumors that the ROLI Grand is actually running a ARM/Linux-version of Equator and Felipe Tonello was contributing to Linux regarding MIDI over BLE. In fact, this video from him helped me make the decision to buy a Seboard:

And when I got it, I wrote a mail to the support and they told me, that no Linux version is planned. This is really annoying. This software is written in JUCE, which supports Linux and even JACK. Why not offer a Linux beta without support to their paying customers?

Stable audio with Windows is a hassle. Arch Linux, Jack, and Bitwig are rock-solid compared to that and offer a great platform for MPE recording and editing. But despite BitWig offering a couple of MPE instruments, they don't reach the quality of Equator. 

I have experiences coding in JUCE and I'd even offer trying to port Equator for free (of course under an NDA regarding the source code)...

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@Thomas Ebeling,

I found that same video and was going to contact ROLI this evening regarding the existence of a beta version of Equator. If you get any more supportive information regarding Equator for Linux please let us know.

Recently got a Bitwig Studio license which motivates me to try (non-Raspbian) Linux musicking, after a fairly long hiatus. (Can’t upgrade from 16.10 Yakkety Yak to 18.04 Bionic Beaver, unfortunately. Downgraded to 16.04 Xenial which at least allowed me to install BWS. But there’s too much weirdness. Installing Ubuntu MATE from scratch.) MPE synths aren’t that common on any platform but they’re especially not plentiful on Linux. Bitwig’s internal synths fill a need, but Equator is probably my favourite softsynth. (While we’re at it, ROLI Dashboard could be quite useful on a Linux machine.)

Dashboard works 'fine' in wine.  Equator does not.  Even if a native build of Dash would seem to be a small thing to ask for.

Regarding a linux dashboard for the Seaboard Rise: I've started this little project.

I asked ROLI for a CC map in order to get it working, but they wrote, they cannot supply that. So I did some reverse engineering, using Wireshark, which was really cumbersome.

So far, only the sliders are working. All the other fancy stuff you see on the lower area of ROLI Dashboard isn't working yet. I'm also lacking the time to continue with this little project.

And another issue is, that you can't use my Dashboard, while another host is connected to the Seaboard. Perhaps it's something, that can be fixed by using ALSA the proper way. Or using jack.

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I'll pull the code and, assuming I can slice out some time, I'll see what I can contribute to it. Thanks for getting this started.

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