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Native Equator VST plugin for Linux

It would be amazing to have Linux as a supported platform for the VST plugin. It seems that I currently have to run the Windows VST through Wine for it to work with Ardour.


Actually since the existing binaries probably use JUCE, everything should be available under Linux !

That would be great, but the windows msi binary installs a .dll file that my DAW (waveform now) doesn't know what to do with... it gets installed to .wine/drive_c/Program Files/Common Files/Steinberg/VST2 when I install using the wine msi_exec utility... I have seen on the internet that Equator uses JUCE which should make it cross platform, but does ROLI need to provide a Linux build still? Obviously I don't have the source code and can't try building it myself...

Yep, I don't ask for the complete source code of Equator (probably awesome ;-),

Linux binaries (vst ?) would be enough ! Linux is all about stability

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