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More than 2 instances of noise in garage band

It seems you can only have 2 instances of noise in gb before it runs out of memory even with an iPad Pro Please address this memory issue. Thanks Sam

Hey Sam,

A few questions will help us try to reproduce this:

Which Garageband and NOISE versions are you running? 

Do any other tracks exist in the project?

Which presets in particular cause the memory to max out?



I’m using an iPad Pro with updated software and the newest version of garage band. I can’t use swam sounds in GB so it is any sound I choose for the third sound. It crashes. This is known to your customer support people. This is what they told me: I've been talking to one of the NOISE engineers who explained that NOISE Melody audio units can use up to 300MB RAM each. So with 2 or more of the these instantiated - it will cause even the more capable of iOS devices like your iPad Pro, to be maxed out. The team is working to optimise the RAM usage of NOISE Melody audio units to see if it could be less in the future. For visibility of this issue to the wider team, feel free to submit this as a feature request. So as per their recommendation I have published the request here. Thank you

Hi Sam,

Thanks for sharing these details. Our team is looking into this, as typically NOISE in GarageBand should be able to run several more instances.

If anyone else is experiencing this behavior please let us know, and in particular feel free to share your system details with us.



Hi Red,

I'm also facing the same problem here. I had two Noise channels in my project and it was working properly but then i added another Noise channel now i'm facing the same issue mentioned above.



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