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Slide (CC74) remapping in Dashboard

I would really like to use my Seaboard Rise with some of my hardware synths.

What are your plans to add an option in the Dashboard to remap Slide to a CC, other than CC74, so that it can match a CC on my hardware synth.

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Hi Leslie,

Thanks for asking about Slide remapping. While this functionality is currently implemented for BLOCKS, we are planning on including this for the Seaboard RISE in an update to ROLI Dashboard and the RISE's firmware. We hope to include this shortly, and in the meantime you might use a MIDI modifier (for example, Logic's MIDI FX > MIDI Modifier) or creating a little Max/MSP patch to do this remapping. 


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I am running without a computer, directly into the hardware synth, so looking forward to this update!!!

Can you add aftertouch (push dimension) convertaion to cc function in Dashboard? Most of Kontakt libraries use modwheel (or any other cc) to control dynamics of instrument. Now I'm using script in Kontakt to do this.

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Hey Kirill, that's a good idea, and we'll be happy to see what we can do about that.

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Hi all, 

Slide remapping is now available in ROLI Dashboard 4.1.0 and RISE firmware 1.1.7.


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Thank you! :-)

That's great! I hope it becomes possible to remap pitch bend and press tracking too to CCs.

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