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Things Rise 49 needs to be a great controller.

1. White strips on all the keys. When on a dark stage I cannot see the keys that do not have white strips.

2. Input and outputs on back panel instead of the side where they can be bumped and broken off. Include a power plug in the box, please.

3. Rise 49 Dashboard is missing a slide absolute / relative button. Very annoying to have to use a midi modifier to change multi & single mode to absolute slide.

4. Rise dashboard 3D curves cannot be customized except for positive velocity curve. They should be like the customizable 3D curves in Equator. this would give Rise 49 users better control of the 3D functions.

5. Slide cc74  should be a selectable cc value. I always convert it to cc11 for most synths.

You have a good innovative product here that needs some tweaking to become a great product so I hope you will consider some of my request.  I am looking forward to the growth of this wonderful product.

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Hi Tom,

That's an interesting idea – thanks for sharing.

Cypher2 in particular allows many different responses to Slide, and with some modulation you should be able to get something similar to what you describe. 

In general, the easiest thing that would perhaps approximate what you're after would be to use relative Slide (unipolar in ROLI Dashboard) such that upon Strike (note-on) the Slide value is 0, and as you move up the keywave the Slide value increases.


Any progress with these dashboard settings request?
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