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Things Rise 49 needs to be a great controller.

1. White strips on all the keys. When on a dark stage I cannot see the keys that do not have white strips.

2. Input and outputs on back panel instead of the side where they can be bumped and broken off. Include a power plug in the box, please.

3. Rise 49 Dashboard is missing a slide absolute / relative button. Very annoying to have to use a midi modifier to change multi & single mode to absolute slide.

4. Rise dashboard 3D curves cannot be customized except for positive velocity curve. They should be like the customizable 3D curves in Equator. this would give Rise 49 users better control of the 3D functions.

5. Slide cc74  should be a selectable cc value. I always convert it to cc11 for most synths.

You have a good innovative product here that needs some tweaking to become a great product so I hope you will consider some of my request.  I am looking forward to the growth of this wonderful product.

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Hey Matthew,

Thanks for sharing your suggestions. 

The thinking behind (4) is that the general behavior is determined by the 5D Touch settings in ROLI Dashboard (or directly with the RISE's Expression Touch Faders) while the specific behavior is dependent on settings within the application itself. So, for example, Equator and Strobe2 both have more elaborate 5D expression curves that can be saved on a per-patch basis. I see how having more powerful control within ROLI Dashboard could be especially useful when using the RISE with third-party synths that may not have their own 5D expression curves.

Good news is that we do hope to have the Slide CC be selectable in an update to ROLI Dashboard and the RISE firmware. 



Also, regarding (3), we do also hope to introduce selectable Absolute and Relative Slide in the next RISE firmware and ROLI Dashboard updates.

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Great new guys, it will help tremendously when using the Rise with other synths besides Equator.

I second better control of 5d curves in dashboard.  I find myself making the same tweaks to every sound in equator, when it would make much more sense to do that globally.

One option I would also suggest for dashboard.  A third mode for the y-axis.  It would be like absolute, but would treat black and white keys differently, so that the full range was available on the usable half of the key.

For the white keys, 0% would be at the front of the key, and 100% would be from the center point on.  For the black keys, 0% would be from the front of the keyboard to the beginning of the raised portion of the key, and then begin to increase to 100% at the back of the keybed.  At the moment, if I want to use absolute mode to crossfade between 2 sounds, I have to play 'in the cracks' all the time, using the front trough of the black keys, and the back trough of the white ones.....  not actually practical with a block, maybe doable with a rise.

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Good idea Eric, that would also be helpful .

Yes Eric, I think the same

Could I also add not having the sharp notes trigger in the white troughs.

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