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Better support for RISE performance in the Noise App

It looks like Roli is focusing their mobile software development exclusively on Noise for the time being, and as a Seaboard RISE user, I would like to ask that they incorporate some performative features into that app - or continue development on 5D (but then you'd also need to be able to share any purchased libraries between the two).  I can understand the difficulty of cross-pollinating desktop apps and Noise, but the mobile apps should be either folded into one another, or completely compatible as far as sounds go.

Anyway - some ideas for a RISE 'Page' that could be accessed in the Noise app for live players who want to have better functionality:

1 - A set of controls, similar to the Roli dashboard for RISE that would allow for tweaking of performance parameters beyond what is available on the RISE itself

2 - A streamlined interface that does not require stepping through the Noise recording paradigm just to use it as a tone generator

3 - A way to organize patches - Tags, User Categories, or something of the sort.  Favorites is a step in the right direction, but on the fly live, it needs to be better.

4 - Better documentation - right now, everything is focused on Blocks so much that I had to submit a support request just to figure out how to get the RISE connected to Noise at all.  There is an online article about it, BTW, but I could not find it until support sent me the link.  Even when doing it, the app only mentions Blocks, so it was a little confusing.  There should be better documentation for all of Noise's features too - what we have can be better.

5 - A way to edit patches!  Even if it starts off as simple filter, effects, or modulation editing, being able to tweak the sound pack patches would go a long way to making them more useful.  Sure, a full blown synth engine (Equator) would be great too, but I don't want to be too greedy right away...

6 - BETTER COMMUNICATION AND QUICKER UPDATES ACROSS ALL ROLI APPS AND PLATFORMS!  Obviously, we should expect delays, hiccups, etc from something so new as these instruments are, but communication, and consistent updating is necessary to keep users from being too frustrated to put in the time to really innovate with them.  We only demand all these new features because we can see the potential - keeping things moving in a way that users can see and follow is the only way to further interest in the platform.  When there are long periods of inactivity in any of the apps, a little update on what's being worked on every so often would go a long way.

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any form of working android app would be awesome too

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