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Record a live performance in the Noise

It would be fantastic if the Noise can record a live performance in an audio file format.

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Hey William,

Thanks for sharing this request, and I can see how this would certainly be useful. 

For now, there are a few ways of recording a live performance of NOISE.

You can, for example, connect the headphone output of your iOS device to a microphone/audio input on your computer or audio interface (if present), and then use a DAW to record this audio.

If you have a Mac, one way connect an iOS device to a Mac using a Lightning-to-USB cable and follow the steps mentioned in this forum post. (You can also use a different DAW than Logic in this case.)

You can also record from an iOS device to a Mac as an M4A file by following these steps: 

  • Connect your iOS device to your computer using a Lightning-to-USB cable 
  • Launch QuickTime Player
  • Select File > New Audio Recording
  • From the drop-down menu to the right of the red record button select your iOS device
  • Click the red record button to record


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