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MPE-Utility script for Ableton Live

I wrote a MIDI Remote Script which automates the tedious set up process of the midi tracks for Ableton Live. Here's a short demo video:

You'll get the Script (and instructions) from GitHub, try it out if you like!

Some users have verified that the script works (vi-control and Ableton forums), and I use it myself. However, if you encounter any bugs, please inform me so I can fix those :) And all feedback and  suggestions are welcome. There are some ideas listed in the Readme already though.


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Peter Røhrig, don't you want your "MIDI from" on the 16 Kontakt channels to be your Seaboard (instead of the computer keyboard)?

Hi there! Thanks for script, it helps a lot. I was trying to do more complex stuff using this with instrument rack. I just made a step-by-step guide on how to configure everything properly for loading multiple instances of Equator and controling presets via instrument rack:

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I'm on Live 10.1 and the script doesn't appear to work anymore. The -creatempe command doesn't trigger the creation of tracks. It used to work fine in 9.7.6.

The script doesn't seem to work in Live 10.1. The "-creatempe" command doesn't create any new tracks. Am pretty sure I have it configured correctly as I used to use it in Live 9.7.6 and it worked fine. 

I am using Ableton 10.1.6, and there is no way to select the MPE_Util as a control surface, even though it is pasted inside the MIDI scripts folder. Can anyone help?

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