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Equator Saxophone sound

The seaboard feels like it was made for an acoustic sax sound; ROLI even shows one off in their promo vids, but the only ones I can find are £200 from SWAM!

Come on Roli! Put some in

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+1 I got a Roll songwriter kit thinking I could do acoustic sounds.  It's been a year now and this thing is collecting dust waiting for a sax sound or something else that I can actually use live.

Just got Rise and I'm a bit disappointed how little good acoustic / wind sounds  are available in Equator. C'mon, you can get a fancy synth modulation in Animoog or whatever, but only with Seaboard you can really nicely mimic classical instruments ...

+ 1 for the orchestral sounds, please! Love you guys, but definitely lacking in that department, and a huge gap in the market that is waiting, eagerly for this feature. 

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