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Equator Saxophone sound

The seaboard feels like it was made for an acoustic sax sound; ROLI even shows one off in their promo vids, but the only ones I can find are £200 from SWAM!

Come on Roli! Put some in

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+1 I got a Roll songwriter kit thinking I could do acoustic sounds.  It's been a year now and this thing is collecting dust waiting for a sax sound or something else that I can actually use live.

Just got Rise and I'm a bit disappointed how little good acoustic / wind sounds  are available in Equator. C'mon, you can get a fancy synth modulation in Animoog or whatever, but only with Seaboard you can really nicely mimic classical instruments ...

+ 1 for the orchestral sounds, please! Love you guys, but definitely lacking in that department, and a huge gap in the market that is waiting, eagerly for this feature. 

Any news ROLI? Can't you just outright buy Audio Modeling and provide their sounds in Equator? Also felt cheated when you showcased their instruments, but there were none to be found...

Given the cost of the instruments, I’d be shocked if audio modelling allowed them to be given away free of charge. If ROLI were to do a deal in order to allow this, I suspect that the cost of the ROLI products would have to increase dramatically. Seriously you’re beating a dead horse. It’s just not going to happen.
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