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Music Gen and custom templates

Hello @all

Jared from Support asked me to post this request in this Forum so here we go .

While testing all modes of my new Roli Block i came across MusicGen. 

The idea of this mode is certainly brilliant, by pressing you can change the direction etc. However, There is no option to stop the note on press, so all that can be done is, to terminate the entire mode by pressing the button at the side. Maybe it would be a great feature to add an additional press on status, which stops the run, while keeps all other notes on. 

Another thing is, you only can change the modes within Dashboard globally, maybe a good idea would be, to be able to install 4 different, self chosen modes. So you could change from say, MusicGen to Mixer to XYZ-Pad to 4x4 Matrix using the side button. 

Thanks in advance, even though im only using Roli Blocks a couple of days now, i really love it and its a brilliant piece of Studio-Equippment. 


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