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how to change octave in Lightpad Block?


Is there a way to move octave up or down on an Lightpad Block M witout using software?  Maybe with a combination of buttons or something?

The seaboard block has dedicated buttons to move up or down but the lightpad block seems to be stuck in the range it comes by default (unless you connect it to Noise or Dashboard). 


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Thabks Erik for the input. Yes, strange, since it would seem the + and - buttobs could be used to transpose the scales...

I got the "touch block" since I was not interesting in controlling my DAW externally. But the touch also doesn't let me change octaves even though its totally focused on the instrument's parameters? it even has the + - buttons :/

Helder -  Not currently, this is the biggest downfall of this product currently.  You end up locked into whatever key you last set it at in the Roli Dashboard on your computer or its default state (C Maj), unless you're using the iOS app (Noise). But once you leave the iOS app, it reverts to its default state. 

If they can solve this, it would be a PERFECT product for your use case, as that was my intention with it as well.  

I am also curious about this. I am thinking of using a lightpad and live block as a compact usb midi “keyboard” for eurorack (and also ipad/computer), but wanted to know if the live block can change octaves in the lightpad in midi mode (without using the Noise iOS app). Thanks.

Hi Jan, I replied in your other thread, although you should be able to do this by ensuring that in ROLI Dashboard "Midi CC" mode is off for the Live Block and the Lightpad is running the Note Grid app.

Any new information on this topic? Just bought Live block to my Lightpad Block M to change octaves but it doesnt work in Dashboard. (octave button doesnt change octave pitch on the lighpad block M)

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I'd like to try whether using two of the edge "points" (say, the upper left- and right-most pixel) to switch octaves is feasible. But alas, the Note Grid program is right at the maximum memory size a Lightpad can swallow, so tweaking it is barely possible.

I'd also like to be able to change some settings (eg the octave) by sending (MIDI) messages to Blocks. That way I could use any of my other MIDI controllers to change Block's behavior, including the octave.

That provided we could create some nifty toolbar for Blocks in our DAW, or even automate it for live usage. Switching in the host from an Equator track to an Omnisphere track could  automatically switch connected Blocks from "full 15-channel MPE with pitchbend range 48" to "channels 1-8, pitchbend range 24" automatically and thus spare us creators from a lot of dabbling in Dashboard each time a different instrument is chosen in the host.

I am almost sure this is already possible, maybe by sending SysEx commands, but I couldn't pull it off as of yet. Would be nice to get more info about how we can talk to our Blocks.

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Hey there,

Without using software, you might use the Live Block's octave button.


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