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Recording Noise Effects

The new effects in Noise kick ass!  But... how do you record them?  Am I missing something or are they strictly for LIVE performance?

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Hey Michael,

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying NOISE's new effects! These effects are indeed made for live performance. We'd be happy to consider the possibility of other uses in the future, though.


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Even thought it might be a bug or an oversight.

yes please!

Agreed. Please add the ability to record effects!!

1. Any updates on recording effect automation?  Do you plan to implement this and if so when?

2. Also, any plans to have these two effects available per instrument versus just as a global feature.  Would be great to take advance of the shaping power of these and automate per instrument/ track.


Gregory, for number 2, the effects are available per instrument. The colored blocks on the bottom define which tracks pick up the effect. Of the two effects possible per song, you can assign one instrument to two tracks and another instrument to the other, like I did on this song.
PLEASE make effects recordable. I’m in love with how much depth they add to my tracks and have spent hours experimenting with delay and filters, it’s so frustrating not being able to overdub them to loops.
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