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Seaboard Keytar

Have you considered a Seaboard model specially adapted to be played like a keytar? With a strap, some tweaked controls and maybe a hand pedal. It could be really cool to play something like that live, specially for rock/metal bands.

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In fact, looks like someone is already building a "seatar": Working on my Seatar

Though I would prefer something more based on the Rise 49.

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haahahah genius

Hey, guys, yeah, that's me with the Seatar. It's an old Rockband keyboard controller. You can find them on ebay super cheap.

If I had it to do over again, I would have completely disassembled the frame and been a little more careful with the hot knife. Though, it fits ~perfectly~. I also would have left the controller buttons untouched.

The injection molding of the keyboard already has a nice support bar, and a single piece of velcro tape along the base of the controller holds it pretty securely. I'm thinking of building a more permanent seat for the control block. 

The beauty of this is that because the Seaboard Block is "smart" - self-powered and bluetooth, the frame can be dumb…

Good luck in your quest for the perfect Seatar. Follow me on twitter @originalDJB!

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Oh, hello John. Great job, I found it while searching "seaboard keytar" to see if someone else was thinking the same as me, and I was not dissapointed. Thanks for your explanation. :)

How about for a Rise 25?

Mmm... Too small for the kind of things I would like to do on stage :P

I would stongly prefer something based on the 49.

How about a keytar "chassis" that the seaboard can simply snap into? An empty frame with a body and neck in the classic shape of a keytar, you take a seaboard rise 49 and place it into the body. Somehow the neck of the keytar connects to the seaboard. The neck would be like a long ribbon controller....

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In the works :-)
Imagine the Seaboard Rise 49 and a Continuum had a baby! Basically add a smaller sized Continuum as the “neck” and “fretboard” with the Seaboard Rise 49 as the body....or The seaboard and the Artiphon Instrument 1 hybrid....
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