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Block Dashboard For IOS!

I use iOS apps almost exclusively at this point with my Seaboard Blocks and Lightpad Blocks.  A Dashboard for iOS would really help.

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DASHBOARD for IOS should be standard. This is absolutely critical to the success of the Blocks on IOS.

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Mobile setups use IOS primarily not laptops. Further there are far more musicians with Tablets and Phones that use music apps than OSX at this point. While I do own a OSX based Studio I also have a Mobile Studio. My mobile studio has Roli Blocks. We all require the Dashboard app on IOS. If you did this then so many musicians would not be returning the items and be so frustrated. Please convert the Dashboard Code base to IOS. After spending 2 decades in my Studio I want to get out and truly go mobile. The current generation of iPad apps and the power of newer iPads can deliver this creativity and produce fantastic tracks. Please make this happen.

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I know this is a temporary workaround, and not a real solution as suggested here, but you can get much of this functionality now using Audiobus3, which offers MIDI routing. I have found that once I add the ROLI Block in AudioBus, it is recognizable by other apps even without doing the routing through AudioBus.
I like Jon Diercks’ suggestion: just allow us to modify the internal settings (eg for seaboard block) via the noise app. At the bare minimum, adding a simple button on the Noise app panel where we can already adjust the 5d parameters, allowing us to store the 5d settings on the device, would be a tremendous improvement. The seaboard block in particular has the potential to be the ultimate IOS keyboard controller for those who care about an expressive playing surface. But frankly, it remains far from that without iOS based control over the 5d settings when using third party synths.

+1 for an iOS Dashboard app, or at least full support for all device settings via the existing NOISE app. I'm not looking forward to having to bounce back and forth between an iPad and a PC or Mac just to change things like MPE settings on the Seaboard Block.

ROLI, Please fully support the powerful, portable iOS music-making platform! Thanks.

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Grazie Paul, ottimo consiglio Thanks Paul, very good advice

Thanks for the helpful tip!

Instead of reconfiguring the Blocks devices you could insert a MIDI processor into the MIDI signal chain on the IOS device. Midiflow and Streambyter are both great. The former is graphically based while Streambyter uses text config files. 

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Grazie Red, spero arrivi presto dashboard per ios :) Thanks Red, I hope you'll soon get dashboard for ios :)

Hi Mausician, ROLI Dashboard is a MacOS and Windows app that allows you to set up Seaboards and Blocks with hardware and software synthesizers. As this feature request indicates, there is definitely demand for an iOS Dashboard, and we'll be happy to take this feature request into consideration as we make future plans.

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Lavoro con due Seaboard block e quasi tutti i sound pack di Noise. Vorrei poter usare le Seaboard block anche con hardware midi. Ho un iPad 2017 come posso fare ? Grazie per la vostra attenzione I work with two Seaboard blocks and almost all Noise sound packs. I would like to be able to use the Seaboard blocks even with midi hardware. I have an iPad 2017 how can I do? Thanks for your attention

i wanted to use my new Lightblock M outside of Noise, becasue it seemed to me as a perfect Ableton Push replacement on IOS. But unfortunately, soon you close the Noise App the Lightpad jumps back to its default setting. And there is no way to change the scale mode outside of Noise. In this form the lightpad is useless for me and probably also for many others. I really don't understand why there is no other way to control the settings for the Lightpad and Seaboard as well. The business policy of Roli is a mystery to me. instead of ensuring that these really good keyboards and controllers work smoothly in IOS with other apps. They focus on this Noise app and block themselves with it. I thought iam a Creator for you, ROLI!

so why you stop my creativity with such problems. ROLI please have mercy with use and make DASHBOARD on IOS a reality. I mean, what's the worst that could happen...? Maybe sell more of your controllers and keyboards because of that?

P.S: A friend who makes music with the ipad. recently asked me if the Lighpad would be something for him. And sadly, i had to answer. "No, Not at the moment, unfortunately."

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Yeah, I have downloaded Noise and use it...I don’t think that the changes made in Noise are retained when using 3rd party apps. I use Moog model D, model 15, thumbjam, SynthMaster one, animoog, garage band, and Volt to name a few. I love how Volt has implemented MPE with sliders.
My ROLI seaboard block experience is very frustrating in that I only use it on iOS. Having dashboard functionality would change everything for the better. I spend 50% of my time trying to get it to work more responsively with other supported iOS apps. The sensitivity is often too soft or too loud. I know so many people who would make the jump and buy a Seaboard if they could have dashboard control on iOS.

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@Alex that actually worked! I tried using the drum pad with GarageBand, but first changing the default octave to start at c3 and now I can play drums on GarageBand just fine. Thank you for pointing this out. I’ll have to do a some more digging to check for compatibility for other apps. I will say tho that this would be incredibly handy to change these settings in iOS. Thanks again.

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