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Add Transpose Function/Change Key for Seaboard Block in Noise

A transpose function would be very helpful especially for the Seaboard Block.  It could perhaps just repurpose the 'Scale' Functionality already built into Noise.

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Yes, please!  ^

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Please add transpose function to Seaboard Block keyboard! It could be accomplished with the button on the left side. For example: Press and hold side button and touch a key on the keyboard. Another way, use the button to cycle through 12 semitones.

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A good way to implement semitone transpose is: to be able to press and hold the side button and use the Octave Up and Octave Down buttons to get to the desired key. Just need to be able to assign this functionality to the side button from the setup software.   

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I need this feature (semitone transpose) for more use in playing live. Please integrate it as soon as possible. 

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