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Requesting NOISE as a VST asap

Noise has been used heavily in advertising as THE WAY of interfacing with ROLI kit and yet it is only really available on the Apple ecosystem.

I am aware of the requests for an Android implementation and the fact that until the release of Android 8.0 ( OREO) this has been an issue but what really surprises me is the fact that NOISE does not exist on either Mac or PC as an application and even more importantly as a VST plug-in for use in any DAW *Ableton*

Please make this happen - YESTERDAY if not earlier.

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Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We certainly want our instruments to be as accessible as possible across platforms. While our hardware instruments include versions of Equator and Strobe2, I agree that it'd be great to have the functionality of NOISE as widely available as possible.



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Agreed - and/or Mac AU plug in.

Seems silly it has not been there all along.

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Fully agree. I have already gone into print with Roli on my assertion that their marketing strategy could be considered as misleading (which is of course illegal). They seem to have rolled up all the functionality available on ANY platform and advertised that as the thing you are purchasing. While the basic product is VERY good in my opinion, this has left a sour taste in my mouth for all the features and functionality that I did NOT get on delivery, instead of the very positive comments I should have been making to all my friends and colleagues.

The short term fix is to make it clear in all advertising/marketing what are the differences that will be experienced if you are a) an Apple/iOS person, or b) a PC/Android person - there is a world of difference not only in what you can do with the product (e.g. NOISE app, Bluetooth, updates etc) but also in the prices you will pay to get new sounds (would you rather pay 200.00 or 9.99 for a bunch of new patches?).

The longer term fix is to at least publish target dates for when the missing features and functionality will be made available to the PC/Android customer. Based on the (lack) of responses when I asked this question, I'm afraid I do not hold out much hope for the future. Which would be a great shame.....

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+1 :)

+1 c'mon guys...

+1 (AU). Also an FX plugin like the effects within NOISE

will NOISE as a VST  ever happen ? 

give us some hope roli, we nned this or atleast add the packs somehow speacially the drums in equator. 

this is so necessary. I just got a lightpad thinking that i could use all the chords/scales/arpegiators that are so intuitive in the noise app, in my pc with ableton. Not so simple it turns out :(

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