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Requesting NOISE as a VST asap

Noise has been used heavily in advertising as THE WAY of interfacing with ROLI kit and yet it is only really available on the Apple ecosystem.

I am aware of the requests for an Android implementation and the fact that until the release of Android 8.0 ( OREO) this has been an issue but what really surprises me is the fact that NOISE does not exist on either Mac or PC as an application and even more importantly as a VST plug-in for use in any DAW *Ableton*

Please make this happen - YESTERDAY if not earlier.

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Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We certainly want our instruments to be as accessible as possible across platforms. While our hardware instruments include versions of Equator and Strobe2, I agree that it'd be great to have the functionality of NOISE as widely available as possible.



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