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New Presets on Equator?

OK, I understand there are some issues preventing Noise soundpacks being avaliable on Equator, but... What about actual NEW, exclusive Equator presets? I mean, this is what it says on the Equator official product page:

"Equator includes hundreds of sounds, and more are coming all the time."

It's been like a year or so since you put new sounds there. Your definition of "all the time" really perplexes me... XD

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That's my dream too, Cameron. The best possible thing that could happen would be a full merge between Equator and Noise and their respective sound engines and soundpacks/presets. Right now it just does not make any sense to have them separated.

That's awesome. It sounds like you guys are committed to making Equator a powerful piece of kit. I love the fact that you are relatively open about feature requests and your intentions for the program.. 

My dream would be if Equator became both a 'serum killer' AND 'kontakt killer' for synthesis and sampling with full MPE support, and end the software juggle for good. My dream is to have just one program that does it all -- a true one-stop sound-design shop. 

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The Colours of India presets available in Equator are:

  • Bansuri Flute
  • Jaltarang
  • Nadaswaram
  • Veena
The NOISE soundpack's percussion sounds use a different sound engine, and so the percussion instruments aren't available as Equator presets. 

That is a good idea to have these in a playlist. If you'd like, you may create a new playlist yourself and add the presets yourself:


Regarding sample import, please see this feature request and ensuing discussion. In short, while it is technically possible, it currently requires a fair amount of technical know-how, and we don't offer support for it. We do want to make sample import more accessible in the future.

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Hi @Red would you mind posting a list of presets specific to the Colours of India library? It would be awesome if we could one day filter and view these additional library contents under the "playlist" dropdown.

Also, do users have the ability to sample our own instruments and bring them into equator, or is that something that requires a developer? 

Cool. I just tried that, works good, but it doesn't seem there's a way to delete duplicates, as when I delete the preset, it's still there.

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With the full version of Equator you may download the online presets for GRAND and RISE and play them with Blocks within Equator. (Note that Equator presets aren't currently compatible with NOISE and vice versa.)

Can I download and use the online presets for Grand and Rise on the BLocks?

Hi Stefan,

Once you've downloaded and installed these sounds, you may find them in Equator's Preset Browser by setting "Location" to "Local," "Instrument" to "All," and ensuring that no other tags are selected. You may then use the search bar to search for these presets:


Normally using a different browser or wifi network will allow you to download the Extended Libraries. If you continue having difficulty please feel free to get in touch with us here


I downloaded the colours of india, installed and wonder where to find them. In the playlist they are not listed, searching for "india" or "colours" finds nothing.

How does it work, where are they stored, and is it possible to move them to an external hard drive?

The bigger sets I cannot download, they start, at some point they stop (after some hundret MB, and then when I reinvoke, they start from 0 again... (This happens on Firefox and Sierra)

Questions over questions which should be in the FAQ.

It looks like this may be a slight bug that causes Equator to think there are additional presets ("Oli Presets) Copy" and "Smooth Floyd") that don't properly exist. 

You may just ignore these messages, and I recommend rather than downloading individual presets that you download entire playlists. You may do this by making sure the "Playlists" button is highlighted in the upper right corner of Equator's Preset Browser, and then with Location set to Online clicking the cloud download icon next to the playlists in the "Playlists" column to the right that you would like to download.

Thanks..of course..  just always got these msg_s



If you've registered Equator Full, a Seaboard RISE, or Seaboard GRAND, you'll find the downloads on your My ROLI page under "ROLI Equator":

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Thanks  so much, but where is the dwnll link, can`t find them on the roli page



A bit difficult to tell which are the new sounds but these have timestamps from today (instead of June 2017 or August 2016):

  • Glockenspiel Bell
  • Veena HiFi
  • Bansuri Flute
  • Bansuri Flute Attack
  • Jaltarang
  • Nadaswaram
The bansuri patch (making use of both bansuri sounds) is quite interesting. Splitting the attack is a strategy reminiscent of some 1980s synths (say, D50). 

It also sounds like other patches have been updated. Got many duplicates, but that’s fine.

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Good news: the Colours of India AR Rahman sounds for Equator are now available on your My ROLI page ( 

(Note: the drum kits included in the NOISE soundpack are not available for Equator, as they do not use the Equator sound engine.)

Additionally, all RISE and GRAND creators as well as creators with the full version of Equator now have access to the BLOCKS Extended Library, also accessible from My ROLI. 


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