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Chorder/Harmonizer: Improved Way to Play Chords Using Lightpad Blocks

Playing chords using Lightpad blocks can be rather difficult. The Noise app does have a chord mode, but what’s produced are parallel block chords, all of the same type. On the desktop, there are some plugins or standalone software to transform note combinations into all sorts of chords and arpeggios (one note acting as almost a modifier key for the chord).

It’d make sense to have something like this on iOS. It could even work with two Lightpad blocks with one serving to change chords and the other Lightpad (or a Seaboard) to play the notes, a bit like a guitar or accordion. That way, complex chord structures (spanning multiple octaves) could be played much more easily.

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Please, so much this! 

The current "chords" feature is not really much handy without the possibility to lock to key.

Feels like the work is mostly done, just needs the extra bit of recognising the current key the song is in :)
(maybe make the scale settings global?)

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Big Feqture request please. The merged topic 'switch chords mid recording' would massively improve the noise app. At the moment you can practice changing chords using the live block, but as soon as you record it only records the note from the lightblock, not the chord changes. This instantly limits noise as you cannot record your movements for chords, arpegiator changes or FX. Please add these features to make noise a viable stand alone creative application. The sounds, effects and gesture controls are brilliantly expressive. But without the ability to record them, they are slightly wasted.
It would be great if the chords built in Noise could follow the selected key... for example changing from major to minor triad based on root note of the chord within the selected key.
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