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Midi mapping

Midi mapping in a DAW can be tricky with ROLI products. I would like to be able to midi map notes on my Lightpad (both in melodic and drum pad modes) to features in Ableton Live and other programs. However, in DAWs which use a Midi learn method for mapping, you can only map CC74 as that is usually the last Midi message sent. It would be useful if you could temporarily disable midi CCs in Dashboard to permit this. In a similar way to the way you can selectively send the three controllers in XYZ pad mode, which works very well.

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You'd think that setting  Slide Tracking to disabled in Dashboard would prevent CC74 from being sent, but it doesn't. Each touch will still send  some CC74 reset message. Same with Glide Tracking, and on the Lightpad also with Pressure Tracking (last time I checked, setting Pressure tracking for a Seaboard Block to disabled was the only tracking option that did the right thing - entirely stopped sending aftertouch messages).

I reported these bugs to support some month ago, they all were confirmed (in case of Lightpad as already known) and planned to be addressed "in a future update".

This isn't only annoying with MIDI learn, but also in everyday use. For example the drum grid, (both the separate progam and the drum grid in Note Grid) is sending aftertouch messages with each touch, which in EzDrummer will mute all cymbal sounds. No way to prevent it as of now. I "misuse" the Control Grid for drums because of this.

The reset message spam is severely hampering usage of Blocks to control some instruments, for example GM instrument patches will set  their cutoff frequency according to the incoming  CC74 reset message with the first note you play. Forget about controlling CC74 with a slider while playing with a Block, even though you told it to not track slide. Also, I scripted a neat pitchbend "wheel" for Lightpad, because I thought I could play Single Channel instruments with Seaboard Block and control pitchbend (for all notes, obviously), like with an ordinary controller but squishy. But no, pitchbend reset is sent with each touch, even when Piano Mode is enabled and Glide Tracking disabled.

Hopefully it will be addressed soon.

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Just for clarity, by this:

    But no, pitchbend reset is sent with each touch, even when Piano Mode is enabled and Glide Tracking disabled.

I meant … with each touch on the Seaboard Block.

Albeit my code is pretty crude and would make someone who knows what he's doing cringe - I don't know better-, the DIY virtual pitch wheel itself works a charm, eg as global pitch wheel in MPE mode ;). Just not for what I intended to use it for.

Is it possible to Midi learn Equator's parameters to a midi controller..and how is this done. Nothing is mentioned about it anywhere I can see...anyway here's hoping

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How to select the right CC in Ableton using "MIDI Map Mode", when your controller sends multiple CCs:

After mapping something, just press Undo (Ctrl+Z) until it shows the CC you want.

Ableton maps each CC it receives as separate undo-able steps!

Just press Undo a few times until the right CC is mapped.  Ableton maps each CC event as an undo-able step.

@Frank Gerlach:  

You can disable any CC's you want yourself using a filter tool like "MIDI ReLink" (it's free).  Here's a link to it on the microsoft app store:


Get MIDI ReLink - Microsoft Store

Thanks, Michael.

Of course that's possible. Although I'd find it pretty uncomfortable to manage yet another application. Myself I use a self-made plugin in my DAW to work around this and other stuff, but that sure doesn't let ROLI off the hook. In this special example I think you'll agree that we can expect that "disable tracking" for slide movement implies to not send reset messages for the slide CC.

ROLI support did confirm this as a known issue and put me off until a "future update". That was in early February, so my expectations considering the timeframe for a fix are pretty low...

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