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Lightpad Block - improve the "Rise Controller" program for Dashboard

The description of the "Rise Controller" program in Blocks Dashboard says: "Turn your Lightpad Block into" the control panel of the Seaboard Rise." But I think there is one important aspect missing, controlling the sensitivities of touch dimensions is not included. Also, I thought that it would be helpful if the XY-pad page would indicate the last sent position, IOW, keep the pressure trace light on when the finger is lifted.

It was only yesterday that I found out that if you have a Songmaker Kit connected and load the "Note Grid" program, then there will be additional functions on the Lightpad. Basically you get what the "Rise Controller" program should be - the 3 Rise faders in MIDI mode, the XY-Pad and 5 faders to -drumroll- control the touch dimension's sensitivities. All switchable via 3 tab buttons, beautifully designed with neat gradients and a cool gray-on-black basic design that fits perfectly next to the Seaboard Block. Loved the sight!

So I decided to be a bad boy and hacked the "Note Grid" littlefoot script, so that it doesn't query whether a Loop Block is connected and would switch into Songmaker Kit mode when it just finds a Seaboard Block next to it. WOW! Now we're talking. It works a treat and even the XY-Pad does keep the last pressure point lit. Why is ROLI hiding this gem from people not owning a Loop Block but have a Lightpad and Seaboard Block?

In several videos and reviews about the Rise it is mentioned that dabbling with touch sensitivities is part of the fun, especially with Equator patches. I find that this is even more true than I thought. Having them directly on the surface is opening up new facets of how a patch interacts, play and sounds, I'd never have come across using the mouse and Dashboard.

I thought about requesting just a change of "Note Grid" to grant the control page to people without a Loop Block, but actually I would love to see "Rise Controller" updated to the same level of awesome. Add the sensitivity faders (including parameter feedback with Dashboard), make the XY-Pad touch indicator permanent and also do the tab switching via vitual buttons. It's so much better than trying to press the hardware Mode Switch button.

I tweaked the original "Rise Controller" script by implementing the z-axis to the XY-Pad and adding a page with a virtual pitchbend wheel and modwheel. Don't want to miss those. I couldn't do this tweak easily in "Note Grid", because it is scratching right up the 7kB maximum size a Lightpad can swallow and is pretty complex. That's why I think I'd rather see a separate script with just the cool control panel code from "Note Grid" - ready to be tweaked :D.

Thanks for bearing with my blabber and, if you own a Seaboard Block and a Lightpad, please like this request, it really is that good ;)!    

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Ok, I got pretty lenghty up there ;) TLDR:
If you've got a Songmaker Kit then the Lightpad Block gets added an amazing "Seaboard Block control mode" which mimics the faders and touchpad of a Seaboard rise, including 5 faders to change the touch sensitivities. This is included in the "Note Grid" program for the Lightpad.

The request is to make this available to all owners of a Lightpad+Seaboard Block. The code is already existing. Ideally it would be a separate program replacing the current "Rise Controller" program.


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