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Wavetable Support in Equator (including iOS)

Equator’s already an effective demonstration of the power of 5D. Applying all sorts of modulation through these sounds is really good marketing for ROLI’s controllers (including the Lightpad Blocks!) and for MPE devices in general. In lists of MPE-friendly softsynths, Equator deserves some of the highest praise.

But wavetable control is almost meant for 5D/MPE. Adding wavetable to Equator would bring that softsynth to another level, even more so than custom samples.

Sure, there are some some wavetable synths which are MPE-savvy. Wolgang Palm himself has brought MPE support to his synths, including PPG Infinite. Both of KV331’s synths (SynthMaster 2.9 and SynthMaster One) now support full wavetables, and they already allowed for MPE control. But giving wavetable synthesis the ROLI treatment could mean that expressive control would be applied to wave index from the start. Plugging a ROLI controller into Equator and getting rich wavetable patches to respond appropriately would make a huge difference in the user experience. It’d then make sense to allow sound designers to sell their own Equator presets.

Serum may be one of the most popular synths out there. But Equator could force it to develop some MPE capability, if it were to support wavetables.

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