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SWAM Engine Sounds in AUv3

While this may be a big “ask” (depending on the relationship with Audio Modelling), AUv3 support for SWAM Engine soundpacks would be quite a gamechanger. The Equator sounds are neat and all, and it’s useful to have them in a plugin. But the SWAM sounds are the ones which would provide the most value if they could be controlled through other ways than ROLI’s controllers, including through Rozeta or Cubasis.

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Thanks for the drums in AUv3! Very useful!

Makes me wish for the SWAM Engine sounds even more. ;-)

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£9.99 a pack and I can’t use them with garage band 勞 ouch! That was an expensive and painful  lesson..

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It’s such a bust to not be able to use swam instruments in auv3

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£9.99 a pack may seem a lot for an iOS pack but it's darn good value compared to desktop physical modelling VI's. I was disappointed as well when I couldn't use them directly in Cubasis (it was the main reason I purchased them) but I do understand Swam's reticence to cannibalise their mainstream market. Saying that, the fact that they're on iOS would surely mean this doesn't happen? They are 'lite' versions, after all. The expression I can get from them, and I'm a fairly new owner of a seeboard block, astonishes me. Disappointed for sure. 

I guess it may partly have to do with them taking a lot of memory; they stipulate that they'll only run on a much more limited set of devices for that reason...  although that argument falls down a bit since I currently have 3 SWAM sounds playing together in Noise and it seems to be working (it seemed to be falling over on the third earlier, but it's working now).

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