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SWAM Engine Sounds in AUv3

While this may be a big “ask” (depending on the relationship with Audio Modelling), AUv3 support for SWAM Engine soundpacks would be quite a gamechanger. The Equator sounds are neat and all, and it’s useful to have them in a plugin. But the SWAM sounds are the ones which would provide the most value if they could be controlled through other ways than ROLI’s controllers, including through Rozeta or Cubasis.

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Thanks for the drums in AUv3! Very useful!

Makes me wish for the SWAM Engine sounds even more. ;-)

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£9.99 a pack and I can’t use them with garage band 勞 ouch! That was an expensive and painful  lesson..

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It’s such a bust to not be able to use swam instruments in auv3

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£9.99 a pack may seem a lot for an iOS pack but it's darn good value compared to desktop physical modelling VI's. I was disappointed as well when I couldn't use them directly in Cubasis (it was the main reason I purchased them) but I do understand Swam's reticence to cannibalise their mainstream market. Saying that, the fact that they're on iOS would surely mean this doesn't happen? They are 'lite' versions, after all. The expression I can get from them, and I'm a fairly new owner of a seeboard block, astonishes me. Disappointed for sure. 

I guess it may partly have to do with them taking a lot of memory; they stipulate that they'll only run on a much more limited set of devices for that reason...  although that argument falls down a bit since I currently have 3 SWAM sounds playing together in Noise and it seems to be working (it seemed to be falling over on the third earlier, but it's working now).

Agreed, this would be wonderful. A big step towards leaving those of us who are invested in iOS as a legitimate music production platform, and bought into Roli hardware a less stranded.

@Peter Todd, I very much doubt it is a technical issue that's preventing this. In all likelihood it's something to do with the SWAM licensing they have for noise.

 Regardless it's a shame, and it's another big piece of the current frustrating position of Roli's iOS lineup: doing an outstanding job using iOS to make MPE approachable to users that are less experienced with synth programming and digital audio more generally; but offering nothing on the platform to let those users grow by programming their own sounds (e.g. no Equator for ios, no way to import custom equator presets into noise, etc.); and taking a verrrrrry long time addressing the needs of more experienced users who are invested into iOS as a legitimate music production platform.

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Any new news on support for the SWAM sounds in AUv3? I have purchased all the SWAM packs and would love so much to be able to use them in Cubasis and Garageband and Auria! Please, oh please say that you're working on making this a reality. It would be an awesome Christmas present for us iOS musicians out here.

I almost pulled the trigger on Swam packs before noticing the notice as out no AUV3 support. Deal breaker for sure. I feel the pain of others here looking for the ideal orchestra library for my iPad.

Hi! Are there any updates to this one? I wish to use Swam packs with my Blocks and Cubasis :-)

Hi, +1 for this request.  I added Roli, Noise and SWAM to my rig for the great sax sounds in particular. But I can't access via AUv3 & AUM.

SWAM are rolling out their own AUv3 apps (starting with Brass) this year, and also offering $15 IAP packs for GeoShred. I don't know how that impacts on ROLI's versions, but it at least will give us a couple of AUv3 options.

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