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Equator knobs learn function

Hi! I have Seabord Rise 49, and it's really the best controller. 

My question is why there's no ability to assing my own controllers on Equator's functions? Other words, there's no "learn" function. 

I like it's sound and potential, but i feel very limited to do all changes only with mouse.

I have Novation Zero SL MKII on my table, and I'd like to be able to assing it to Equator's knobs. Thank you.

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Hi there Kirill,

Thanks for getting in touch, and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your Seaboard RISE 49! 

You can actually use MIDI Learn in Equator via the Modulation Panel. Here's an illustrative example:


For more details on Equator's modulation functions, feel free to check out the manual and these articles.

Please let me know if you have any question.


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Thank you, Red!

Seaboard as a new universe for me, and I think: "Wow! I was waiting for all my life for such thing!"

Ok, that's not what I meant at all. I have Novation Zero SL MK2 controller with many knobs and buttons. What I want is to map all of them on various Equators parameters to create new sound more easier and faster. Why not to give us possibility to map any cc to any parameter by clicking right button on mouse and click "learn"?

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Hi there I have a korg nano kontrol an would like to do the same. Like I do in Stroke2 and. Cypher2
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