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I want to be able to redo in NOISE

I wish there were a redo button!

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This would make me the happiest gal in all the land.

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Um, yes please! Surprising it doesn’t have it yet.

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Yes, this was one of my requests to the Roli team. I sent a list of a few essential topics:

Dear Roli team,


I've been using Noise for a while and just ordered a Seaboard Block to play with it.  Before I go on let me tell you that Noise is a great app. I can get a lot of musical expression when I use it on my iPhone 6s. 

Being a musician and also a User Experience professional, I've noticed a few things that could be improved in Noise and wanted to share them with you for future releases (some easier to implement than others) if you find them appropriate:

1. Remember Click state. If user unchecked Click in a song, app should remember state instead of turning Click on every time you open a song.  Usually, when you already have a rhythm loop already recorded, you don't need the Click anymore and today you are forced to turn it off every time you open a song. 

2. Background audio.  In settings,  it would be great to let the app to run in background. So it can be used in sync with other apps on the same device using Ableton Link. This would let you move from one app to the other seamlessly. Today, if you have Noise playing in sync with (let's say) Korg Gadget and you move from Noise to Gadget, Noise stops playing.

3. Redo button. On Instruments mode there is an Undo button but no Redo. It would be ideal to give the user the freedom to listen to a new layer of recording back and forth without losing it forever if he clicks "undo". 

4. Delete function: After recording in Instruments mode it would be really useful to have a "delete button" that while pressed it deletes the part of the instrument that is playing.  This would be particularly useful when you copy and paste loops. You could duplicate a loop and delete parts of it that you don't like (or you want a variation with less notes).  As it is today you can only add to a loop and there is no way to take away.   The functionality requested would be similar to what Allihoopa's Figure does in "Erase Mode". In “delete mide” you could delete individual parts (notes or drum elements) in a recorded loop). 

5. Add swing/shuffle slider:  it would be nice to have a swing or shuffle slider or wheel so you can work on the groove. 

6. Instrument selection:  it would be great to be able to select instruments ordered by type (bass, pads, leads, drums, grooves, etc). Today the order is alphabetical, by sound pack or favourites.  When you work on a track you usually know if it’s going to be a bass or a lead so it would be convenient to have them grouped by type so you can try one bass sound after the other.  

7. Sync bug:  When linked with another app via Ableton Link sometimes there isn't a perfect sync. It feels like it takes a while to synchronize. 

Thank you so much for listening to these ideas!

Cheers and keep the music ROLI-ng!!


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OMG yes!!!!  How many times have you accidentally hit the undo! Aghhhhhhhh!

Dear sink-sync that are exactly the points which are missing in my point of view. 8. Implement the program-change again, that was allready working in the app Seaboard 5D with the Roli Seaboard Rise onboard control, combine it with a favorit list, so the giging musician can concentrate on playing in live events!
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